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Critical Path Initiative Opportunities Table

In 2004, the Food and Drug Administration launched the Critical Path Initiative (CPI) to drive innovation in the scientific processes through which medical products are developed, evaluated, and manufactured. In 2006, FDA issued the Critical Path Opportunities Report which provided 6 topics of focus, with a list of 76 opportunities associated with these 6 topics. More information on CPI and the original Critical Path Opportunities report, as well subsequent updates can be found at the FDA website: Critical Path Institute (C-Path), founded in 2005, is dedicated to developing tools and methods that address these and other opportunities, with the goal of promoting innovation, streamlining drug development and reducing the inherent risks of the drug development and regulatory review process. The work of C-Path and its 12 established consortia, has contributed to many of the opportunities identified by FDA. The tables below summarize the ways in which C-Path has made significant contributions to 19 of the listed opportunities, in five of the six topic areas. The cut-off date for this current table is Dec 31, 2015.