TRxA BioBRIDGe Awards: Supporting the Next Generation of Protein-Based Therapeutics

C-Path’s Translational Therapeutics Accelerator (TRxA) is proud to announce the 2024 global Request for Proposals for its Biologics-focused Bridging Research and Innovation in Drug Development Grants (BioBRIDGe). These BioBRIDGe awards are designed to support academic researchers in traversing the drug development valley of death by funding and defining optimal strategies for advancing new, cutting-edge protein-based therapeutics (PBTs) from the lab to patients. This is a special funding opportunity separate from the annual TRxA BRIDGe award RFP for small molecules, the deadline for which has passed.

On Wednesday, May 15, TRxA hosted a webinar to explain and review its 2024 funding opportunities. Content included an overview of the types of projects TRxA funds, eligibility criteria for BioBRIDGe awards, and details about how to apply before the first submission deadline of June 27, 2024. The webinar concluded with a live Q&A.