Diagnostic capacities and treatment practices on implantation mycoses: Results from the 2022 WHO global online survey

Between January and March 2022, WHO conducted a global online survey to collect data on diagnostic capacities and treatment practices in different settings for four implantation mycoses: eumycetoma, actinomycetoma, cutaneous sporotrichosis and chromoblastomycosis. The survey investigated the type of diagnostic methods available in countries at various health system levels (tertiary, secondary, primary level) and the medicines used to treat implantation mycoses, with a view to understanding the level of drug repurposing for treatment of these diseases. 142 respondents from 47 countries, including all continents, contributed data: 60% were from middle-income countries, with 59% working at the tertiary level of the health system and 30% at the secondary level. You can read this research article from the PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases, here.