CeBil Symposium

The CeBil symposium marks the conclusion of the Novo Nordisk Foundation’s Collaborative Research Program in Biomedical Innovation Law (the CeBIL-program), which has been running since 2018. Leading international experts will discuss the ethical, legal, and social, and policy implications (ELSPI) of selected challenges and opportunities in the health and life sciences. This event has two aims. First, it provides a forum for presenting novel insights based on the past and ongoing research conducted by the CeBIL team and their research partners. Second, this conference focuses on emerging research areas to address the Grand Challenges of the Future.

Topics that will be discussed range from sustainable innovation, pandemic preparedness, antimicrobial resistance, and biologics to advanced medical computing, artificial intelligence, orphan drugs, and repurposed drugs. C-Path’s Executive Director, CDRC, Marco Schito will be one of the presenters at this event, hosted at the University of Copenhagen.

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