Alzheimer’s Pre-dementia Clinical Trial Enrichment Tool

This clinical trial simulation tool helps optimize clinical trial design for mild and moderate AD, using ADAS-cog as the primary cognitive endpoint. For scientists and clinicians of all backgrounds, a cloud-based graphical user interface (GUI) has been developed, which allows a user-friendly experience to perform simulations based on the model.

Please provide the basic information requested to access the Alzheimer’s Disease Clinical Trial Application Tool. We will be back in touch with your access to the tool soon. For any additional questions related to the tool, please send an email to

How do you plan to use the tool?

CPAD and QuantMed would like to acknowledge the leadership and contributions from the following team members:

  • Daniela Conrado (Alnylam)
  • Derek Hill (University College London)
  • Robin Wolz (Ixico)
What the tool is: FAQ Icon

A quantitative clinical trial enrichment tool to help optimize clinical trial design in the pre-dementia stages of Alzheimer’s disease, using CDR-SB as the primary endpoint.

What is it based on: FAQ Icon

A disease progression model, which integrates baseline hippocampal volume, the effect of patient drop-out and relevant sources of variability.

What it is NOT intended for: FAQ Icon

Replacement for well conducted trials with real patients

A thorough description of the clinical trial simulation tool can be found here.

Intended applications FAQ Icon
  • Sample size calculations for specific trial design parameters
  • Trial-specific enrichment or stratification approaches using baseline hippocampal volume
  • Determination of optimal trial durations and frequency of assessments for assumed drug effects