Sarcoma Patient Resources

CURE ID is expanding! We’re making it possible for patients and their care partners to share their thoughts on treatments. Right now, doctors share information, but we want to hear from you too. Your stories can help us understand how well medicines work, even the things we can’t see in tests or pictures.

FAQ for Sarcoma Patients

Sarcoma Patient One-Pager

Social Media Toolkit

Bringing Patients’ Voices to the Forefront: Sarcoma Advocates Illustrate Community’s Impact


Patient Powered Research Webinar

SARC Talk Episode 11 – Dr. Jonathan Trent – PEComa – YouTube
Case 1: Uterine PEComa with a TSC2 Mutation (
ISKS Presentation – YouTube

Sarcoma Collaborators

PEComa Extraction Fellows:

  • Susan Egbert
  • Juliette Cnockaert
  • Jovi Kothari
  • Jamila Johnson
  • Vivian Ho
  • Abbey Trippel

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