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In support of C-Path’s mission to catalyze innovation that accelerates the path to a healthier world, we’re excited to invite you to this webinar to learn more about how C-Path’s new headquarters in Amsterdam will continue to improve public health, share expertise, data, risks and costs to move global regulatory science forward by facilitating public-private partnerships with members from the biopharmaceutical industry, government regulatory agencies, academic institutions, and patient groups in Europe.

Speakers include C-Path scientific leadership who will present on-going activities on key topics, including:

  • Digital Technologies
  • Real-World Evidence
  • Model Informed Drug Development
  • Complex Clinical Trials

Following presentations, audience questions will be answered by a panel of representatives from EFPIA, academia, EMA and patient groups.

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Topic Speaker
Welcome and Introduction Kristen Swingle
Tomas Salmonson
C-Path global vision and mission Klaus Romero
EMA Regulatory Science Strategy (RSS) & How C-Path Can Contribute Cecile Ollivier
Drug Development Tools Klaus Romero
Complex Clinical Trials and Digital Technologies Terina Martinez
Martijn Muller
Patient-Centric Drug Development and Real-world Evidence Scottie Kern
Jeff Barrett
Repurposed Drugs Marco Schito
Collaborations and Training in Regulatory Science Jeff Barrett
Huong Huynh
Q&A for C-Path Speakers C-Path Speakers
Panel Discussion (industry, academia, regulators, patient groups) Lada Leyens
Ralf Herold
Dimitrios Athanasiou
Franz Koenig
Closing remarks Cecile Ollivier

C-Path Speakers

  • Kristen Swingle: Interim President & Chief Operating Officer (US)
  • Tomas Salmonson: Member, Board of Directors (US) & Member, Board of Directors (Netherlands)
  • Klaus Romero: Chief Science Officer & Executive Director of Clinical Pharmacology (US)
  • Cecile Ollivier: EU Regulatory Science Advisor (US) & Member, Board of Directors (Netherlands)
  • Terina Martinez: Executive Director Duchenne Regulatory Science Consortium & Critical Path to Therapeutics for the Ataxias (US)
  • Martijn Muller: Senior Scientific Director, Critical Path for Parkinson’s Consortium (US)
  • Scottie Kern: Executive Director, Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment Consortium (US)
  • Jeff Barrett: Senior Vice President; Rare Diseases Cures Accelerator Data and Analytics Platform (RDCA-DAP) Lead (US)
  • Huong Huynh: Director, Regulatory Science (US)


  • Lada Leyens: Global Regulatory Lead, Clinical Trial Innovation & Digital Health at Roche
  • Ralf Herold: Senior Scientific Officer, Taskforce Regulatory Science & Innovation at EMA
  • Dimitrios Athanasiou: PDCO Member at EMA – EURORDIS Board, Member in World Duchenne Organization, European Patients Forum Greek Patient Association
  • Franz Koenig: Associate Professor, Medical University of Vienna

To learn more about C-Path in Europe, visit and read C-Path European Nonprofit Established in Amsterdam.