C-Path’s Stephenson to Serve as Co-panelist for FNIH Digital Technologies Summit

C-Path’s Executive Director of its Critical Path for Parkinson’s (CPP) Consortium, Diane Stephenson, will join FNIH’s upcoming “Remote Digital Monitoring and Patient-Centric Medical Product Development” workshop as a panelist.

On June 24 and 25, Stephenson joins ALS Advocate Indu Navar, CEO of Everything ALS, for this collaborative workshop that brings together industry leaders, regulatory bodies, researchers, and patient groups to explore, discuss, and strategize the effective integration of Digital Measures into clinical trials and medical product development. The focus of this session is driven by the patient voice in developing a shared understanding and approach to digitally derived clinically meaningful endpoints. C-Path will also be represented at the meeting by Senior Director of Digital and Precision Medicine Sakshi Sadhar, Vice President of the Clinical Outcome Assessment Program Cheryl Coon, and Executive Director of its Patient-Reported Outcome Consortium Sonya Eramenco. This is a follow up from the spring ASCPT session co-organized by FDA.

Stephenson and Navar previously joined ASCPT as guests for its podcast, “Sharing Data to Improve Patient-Focused Outcomes.” This 15-minute segment discusses the importance of data sharing to improve patient care, particularly in neuroscience. You can listen to it here as the call to action continues today.