Regulus Therapeutics Joins PKDOC

C-Path is excited to announce that Regulus Therapeutics, Inc. has joined the Polycystic Kidney Disease Outcomes Consortium (PKDOC) as a voting member. Regulus Therapeutics is a biotech company working to deliver life changing medicines to patients with orphan kidney diseases. The programs in their pipeline target kidney diseases of high unmet need, including ADPKD.

PKDOC brings together diverse stakeholders from the pharmaceutical industry, academic researchers, foundations, patient advocacy groups, individuals living with PKD and regulatory agencies from around the world, to develop solutions to accelerate drug development for PKD, including biomarker endpoints and model-informed drug development tools.

We are excited to embark together on the next PKDOC 2.0 chapter with a focus on the development and regulatory endorsement of a clinical trial simulator (CTS) tool, identification of novel fluid biomarkers, and development of patient reported outcome measures.

Please join us in welcoming Regulus Therapeutics as PKDOC continues to carry out its mission to improve the lives of individuals living with PKD and all that it affects.