Diane Stephenson, PhD

Diane Stephenson is a neuroscientist by training with 30 years’ combined experience in academic neuroscience and drug discovery. She is passionate about translational science and has a long-time dedication to the discovery of therapies to treat diseases of the nervous system.

Diane received her undergraduate degree in Biochemistry at University of California, Santa Barbara, and her Ph.D. in Medical Neurobiology from Indiana University. In her academic career, Diane focused her research on Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease (AD), and while in industry, drug discovery initiatives for Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, and Autism Spectrum Disorders represented key themes.

From 1981-1989, Diane was an associate research scientist at the ALS and Neuromuscular Research Foundation in San Francisco. During her career in industry, focus included animal model characterization, biomarker discovery and development, and evaluation of drug candidates for brain diseases.

As an ambassador for public-private partnerships, she has initiated numerous external academic collaborations, including worldwide alliances. Diane joined Critical Path Institute as Director of the Coalition Against Major Diseases (CAMD) in 2011 with specific emphasis on Alzheimer’s disease.

In her current role leading the Critical Path for Parkinson’s (CPP) Consortium, Diane leads a multidisciplinary global team comprised of academic experts, industry scientists, patient advocacy groups, and regulatory experts collectively aimed at accelerating treatments for Parkinson’s disease. She is an ambassador for advancing regulatory science across multiple types of brain diseases.