Dr. Brumfield's Remarks at Partnering for Cures

Dr. Martha Brumfield, C-Path’s President and CEO, participated in a panel discussion on November 17, 2014, “Playing nice in the sandbox: Can research-by-consortium accelerate progress against disease?” at “Partnering for Cures”, an annual conference hosted by Faster Cures, a center of the Milken Institute. The panel of consortium leaders discussed how “research-by-consortium” models have been increasingly utilized to accelerate progress against disease and what lessons learned have emerged. The entire content of the panel’s discussion can be viewed here. Dr. Brumfield’s remarks can be viewed in the following segments:

How a consortium advances regulatory science
Outlook for consortia and collaborative research as well as lessons learned 
Patient Reported Outcome instruments place patient’s voices front and center
Importance of collaborations among consortia