C-Path, CPP Share Manuscript That Redefines Parkinson's Disease

C-Path and its Critical Path for Parkinson’s Consortium are pleased to share a new manuscript that redefines Parkinson’s disease based on advances in the understanding of the underlying biology of disease. C-Path is honored to serve as a catalyst for bringing together diverse stakeholders from around the world to share promising results in new ways. It’s clear. The best course to take is to evolve this field TOGETHER based on new discoveries that will accelerate the path to new treatments.

“Having this first biological definition of disease coupled with a staging system that integrates clinical measures promises to transform clinical trial design as we know it,” said Diane Stephenson, PhD, executive director, Critical Path for Parkinson’s Consortium, Critical Path Institute, and a coauthor on The Lancet Neurology paper. “This is how the field will meaningfully and tangibly achieve smarter and faster drug trials and treatments that can slow or halt disease progression, and perhaps one day, prevent the disease process from occurring altogether.”

C-Path is proud of our role in contributing to biological staging of disease in other chronic disorders of high unmet need including Alzheimer’s disease, Huntington’s disease and Type 1 diabetes. We are proud to be leading public-private partnerships including industry, academic experts, people with lived experience and regulatory agencies as a global community of stakeholders aimed to share data in new and innovative ways.

Congratulations to the authors: Tanya Simuni, MD *, Lana M Chahine, MD *, Kathleen Poston, MD, Michael Brumm, MS, Teresa Buracchio, MD, Michelle Campbell, PhD, Sohini Chowdhury, MA, Christopher Coffey, PhD, Luis Concha-Marambio, PhD, Tien Dam, MD, Peter DiBiaso, MHSA, Tatiana Foroud, PhD, Mark Frasier, PhD, Caroline Gochanour, MS, Danna Jennings, MD BS, Karl Kieburtz, MD MPH, Catherine M Kopil, PhD, Kalpana Merchant, PhD, Brit Mollenhauer, MD, Thomas Montine, MD PhD, Kelly Nudelman, PhD, Gennaro Pagano, MD PhD, John Seibyl, MD, Todd Sherer, PhD, Andrew Singleton, PhD, Diane Stephenson, PhD, Matthew Stern, MD, Claudio Soto, PhD, Caroline M Tanner, MD PhD, Eduardo Tolosa, MD, Daniel Weintraub, MD, Yuge Xiao, BSc, Andrew Siderowf, MD, Billy Dunn, MD, Kenneth Marek, MD

Thank you to CPP members with the Michael J. Fox Foundation, Cure Parkinsons, Parkinson’s Canada, Parkinson’s UK, Lewy Body Dementia Association, Inc., Shake it up Australia Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, and Parkinson’s Europe for your continued collaboration and membership.

Read the full press release, here.

Access the manuscript, here.