What is C-Path?

Accelerating the path to a healthier world 

Critical Path Institute is a nonprofit organization that brings together patient groups, academic institutions, the pharmaceutical industry and regulatory agencies from around the world to improve public health. Together, these stakeholders work to identify or create tools that can accelerate the medical product development and regulatory review process.

C-Path manages collaborative teams, consortia and programs, in which diverse stakeholders combine intellectual and financial resources to generate actionable solutions that facilitate the development of safe and effective medical products.

C-Path's consortia and programs focus on specific areas, patient populations, therapeutic indications, or drug development and data sharing challenges. These include Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, Type 1 diabetes, rare/orphan diseases, neonatology data science, model-informed drug development and drug safety testing, among others.

C-Path actively builds consensus across all these stakeholders. We share ideas, we share data, and we share risks and costs to move the science forward.