Rick Liwski

Richard Liwski is the Chief Technology Officer and Director of Critical Path Institute’s Data Collaboration Center. Richard is responsible for aligning C-Path’s Information Technology strategy with the organization’s goals, ensuring the security and privacy of data, as well as the architecture and development of data sharing initiatives in support of C-Path consortia and other Data Collaboration Center projects.

The Data Collaboration Center was founded to provide large-scale data-sharing solutions in a neutral, noncompetitive environment for stakeholders from industry, global regulatory agencies, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, patient advocacy groups, and academia.

Prior to joining Critical Path Institute, Richard spent 26 years at IBM that included roles in storage product development, department and functional area management, program management, brand/marketing management, and customer relationship management. His IBM experience included assignments working with major US pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers as the technical focal point for their data storage needs.

Richard received his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from New Mexico State University.